Why us?
Using the latest technology and our depth of experience, JetsBot provides private jet support to our clients around the globe.
Employing all tools to measure carrier experience
Risk mitigation. Unbiased independent due diligence. On-site safety audits. Charter industry intelligence. Fact-based historical data.
Leveraging buying power in the marketplace
In-depth research for each trip. Meeting budgetary requirements. Volume discounts. Consulting and recommendations.
Providing the right aircraft for the mission
Economical turboprop aircraft. Private jets. Global business jets. Regional jets. VIP Airliners.
Exceeding expectations
24/7/365 coverage. Concierge services. High volume with client focus. Global presence with local accountability.
Aircraft Prices
JetsBot has the industry relationships and leverage
to provide the perfect private jet for your needs.
Turboprop and Light
Mid and super-mid
6- 9
10 - 14
10 - 14
Average Range
1500 Miles
3000 Miles
4000 Miles
6000+ Miles
Average Cabin
4'8″H X 4'9″W X 17'L
5'9″H X 6'6″W X 26'L
6'1″H X 7'5″W X 47'L
6'3″H X 8'2″W X 48'L
We determine the experience, quality and safety record of the aircraft operator. The ultimate private air experience requires the ultimate background check.
Safety is our number one priority. We rigorously review in-depth safety reports on the charter operators and check the historical ratings on the aircraft, pilot and operator.
The Aviation Research Group CHEQ system provides in-depth safety reports on charter operators. Instant access to pilot experience. Aircraft Registration. Ownership and Management. Accident and Incident Reports. Enforcement Actions. Exacting details for peace of mind.
JetsBot is certified as a Wyvern Wingman Broker. Wyvern requires operators to maintain a strict safety program. Through the Wyvern PASS report, JetsBot is able to verify that your upcoming trip meets their safety requirements. Giving you confidence before you board.

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